Travel Hair Dryers at a Glance

Here’s a quick selection of recommended travel hair dryers.  Scroll down the page for more detailed product reviews.

Sassoon Limited Edition Green Travel Dryer

Sassoon have come up trumps again with another low price travel hair dryer.  This time it is in a funky green colour that will brighten up any holiday whether you are in a caravan or a luxury hotel.

As your time on holiday is precious it has a powerful 1800w motor to dry your hair in record time.

The directional airflow nozzle allows you to target your hair precisely for precision styling.

Like all good travel hair dryers it is dual voltage and comes with a European adaptor so no matter where you are you can plug it in.

This travel hair dryer comes with a handy storage pouch and has a loop to allow you to hang it up from any protruding fittings.

Once you are done drying your hair you can use the cool shot feature to set your style and be on your way safe in the knowledge that your hair style will hold.

It comes with a two year guarantee to make this a bargain travel hair dryer ideal for both home and away.

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T3 Tourmaline Overnight Ionic Travel Hair Dryer

T3 have contributed this item to the travel hair dryer market and for that we are very grateful.

If you are not that bothered about how your hair looks then this might not be the hair dryer for you as it isn’t the cheapest dryer on the market but if you want to ensure you look your best whilst away from home then it is definitely worth checking out.

This T3 travel hair dryer is pretty compact as it is but it features a folding handle to make it even more compact and easier to carry around with you – whether that is on holiday, to the gym or when staying over at your partner’s place.

It has all the standard features found on travel hair dryers including dual voltage, multiple speed and heat settings and a long cord.

If you want a serious and high-quality hair dryer for your travels then this is the one for you!

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BaByliss PRO Tiny Titan Anti-Static Travel Hair Dryer

BaByliss have come up trumps again with another tiny travel hair dryer.

The Tiny Titan Pro is a compact hair dryer that has all the power of a full-size product.

For your convience it features anti-static ceramic technologies and an impressive motor boasting a 1000w output.

There is two heat and speed settings and the essential cool shot buton is present and correct allowing to set your style once you have finished drying your hair.

The power cord is full length allowing you to plug this travel hair dryer in where ever you can and still be able to reach a mirror.

This travel hairdryer offers great value for money and will serve you well on your travels for many years!

Braun E-Go Sport Hair Dryer

The Braun E-Go Sport Hair Dryer is a small and compact hair dryer which is ideal for both travelling and taking to the gym or swimming pool.

It has an innovative design that makes this a truly portable travel hair dryer and the lack of a handle makes it a doddle to use.  We didn’t notice any extra heat whilst holding it which you might expect from looking at it.

It has two speed and heat settings and the 1200 output is more than enough to dry your hair in as quick a time as possible.

If you are after a truly portable travel hair dryer then this is the product for you!

It even comes with a two year guarantee.

Braun Travel Hair Dryer

Sassoon 2000W Travel Hair Dryer

This is a compact and very portable travel hair dryer from the world famous brand Vidal Sassoon.

The Sassoon 2000W Travel Hair Dryer has a massive 2000w of power and comes equipped with two speed settings and just the one heat setting.

Once you are done drying your hair you can use the Cool Shot feature to fix the style with a blast of cool air.

You can also do precise styling with the adjustable nozzle which allows you to direct the airflow.

As expected from a travel hair dryer it is dual voltage and comes with a storage pouch and travel adaptor.

The generous two year warranty means you can take this on your holidays without having to worry about it surviving the journey.

This is a great product for taking on your travels but is equally suited to use at home.

Sassoon 2000W Travel Hair Dryer

Welcome to Travel Hair Dryer!

This site has been setup to help you find the best travel hair dryers available on the Internet.

I decided to start it up as I went on holiday with my girlfriend recently and she was inststing on bring her full-sized hair dryer with her.  I was planning on only taking hand luggage so we could save money on our ticket by not having to pay for baggage and save time by not having to wait for out bags once we had landed.

With a full sized hair dryer this was just not possible and it was at that point it occurred to me to try and get a travel hair dryer that was small enough to carry around in hand luggage.  I had a look around the shops but could not really see anything suitable.  Next I tried the Internet and there were a few sites but I didn’t find enough products to know I was getting a good deal.

That shopping experience prompted me to start this blog website with the aim of making it easier for people to pick a travel hair dryer that meets their needs and fits their budget.

If you are going on holiday, check out my other two sites: travel hair straighteners and travel kettle to make sure you are able to take your essentials on your trip with you.

I hope you find this website useful and your travel hair dryer serves you well – which ever one you chose to buy!